Ten Reasons Your Mobile Apps Fail

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    Millions of mobile apps have been developed for iOS, Android and other platforms. Today, many new apps are being put into the market at breakneck speed. You need to launch mobile apps effectively and execute your plans. However, there are reasons why your mobile apps are failing and don’t achieve the expected results.

    1. You don’t fully understand your target market: Before designing your apps, it is important to fully understand the audience, so you can address their core needs and wants. By understanding and researching the primary target market, you can address the specific of your audience. Also, by understanding the demographics factors, you will get plenty of loyal customers.
    2. You wait too long: It is a big mistake to wait too long to release and market the app. If you wait too long, other developers will quickly release similar apps. After releasing the app in a timely manner, you can develop proper marketing plan. With advertising messages, you should be able to saturate the marketplace with news. Obviously, you need to set aside enough budgets for your marketing plans.
    3. You don’t stick to pre-launch schedule: After spending a couple of years researching and developing the app, many developers are more than eager to finally release it. You need a proper schedule and stick to it. Your schedule should include things that can guarantee the success of your app, such as various marketing strategies that include perfect timing.
    4. Your app isn’t optimized for the app store: Many apps are not well optimized for the app store. As an example, improper naming of the app may make it more difficult for people to find your app, especially if you are competing with many similar apps. The name of your app shouldn’t only represent its functions, but it also needs to be unique enough, so people search for it easily.
    5. Your app is poorly designed: Your app should have excellent functionality, so you can increase the interest of users. Apps that are well designed should reflect its actual purpose and users should become fully drawn to it. Your app should be seen as a true problem solver and can help people to perform various functions and tasks.
    6. You have poor app description: It is possible that your apps don’t have effective descriptions that can appeal to many potential users. If the app description is well written, it should meet the expectations of users. Your app description should clearly explain the original purpose of the app and solve users’ problems. It needs to grab the attention of users. You should make sure that the description can entice potential customers. If people are interested, it is likely that they will download the app. The description should contain proper keywords, so people will easily find the app, because it is a factor included by the app store’s search mechanism.
    7. You don’t respond to reviews: Even if you have spent a lot of time researching and developing your app, there will always be bugs and flaws. They are often not addressed during the development stage. It is important to check poor reviews, so you can iron out any bug, before the next version of the app hit the marketplace. The developer should also be known for their ability to deliver on their promise.
    8. You don’t have offline marketing strategy: If you don’t have offline marketing through traditional marketing efforts, then you may miss out on plenty of potential sales. If you want to increase the chance of success, it is important to maximize all the possible communication and marketing channels.
    9. You don’t provide updates: You shouldn’t neglect to provide the necessary updates and you need to keep customers informed. There could be a few features that users need and you don’t include them in the early versions of the app. Users can be frustrated by the poor functionality of your app. After you have ironed out all the bugs, it is important to add more functionality.

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