How to fix play store error 905

Most of us may have faced this problem before after downloading or installing games or Android apps from the Google Play Store on a smartphone. The problem is Error 905, which suddenly prevents downloads and installations from Google Play Store. How can we solve this serious problem? Here, in this article, we are going to … Read more

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 194

Although there are several third-party outlets that are available to download apps and games on Android, Google Play Store remains the most popular store to install whatever you want without being worried about anything at all. But, sometimes Google Play Store can be choppy and throw around error messages to its users which, in many … Read more

Play store download pending

Play Store showing download pending when you try to download applications from Play Store? All things considered, this could be a result of a current change in the way Play Store handles downloads OR perhaps your Play Store is trapped. There might be several reasons because of which the play store is showing this message … Read more

Are play store apps safe?

In case you’re an Android client, you’re acquainted with Google Play. Google Play, formally known as the Android Market, is the online store where Android clients download portable applications. The Android Market was introduced in October 2008, which housed around 50 applications. Today, near 700,000 applications are accessible on Google Play, yet would they say … Read more

How do you install Google Play services?

The Google Play Store and Google Play Services are two services that are given by Google. Many people were confounded as both the apps have comparable names and as Google Play Services was not required before for use during normal times. Notwithstanding, after its dispatch many apps and different games requested that client to download … Read more

How do I fix the play store?

There’s four distinctive fixes for repairing most Play Store mistakes. You don’t have to utilize these all the while — simply attempt one and check whether it settles the issue. In the event that it doesn’t, attempt another. The four fixes are: Stop the application and after that wipe the Store’s reserve and cache information; … Read more